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Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop

Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop





my shop is after the Change of the theme and upgrade to very very slow - im thinking to Change the hoster to a ngnix Server.


I´ve checked my site with the Profiler and got this one - can anyone help me to Speed up my site? Thanks a lot





Re: Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop

Changing to nginx will not make any appreciable difference. The most common culprits are:


- Overloaded server such that resources are slow / not available (CPU, memory, I/O)

- Improper caching for Magento cache, or php opcode caching

- gzip compression disabled in php

- Your profiler shows 2column_right template taking almost 1 second. Did anything change in that template?

- Your tabs/group.phtml template is also taking 0.2 seconds, which is a bit long in time


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Re: Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop


Many Thanks for your Analysis.
Yes - the Developer made some changes - he added an on the legt Site Where you Can choose a categories another Tab to it that you Can select the Products also by manufacturer.

I don't Know what is inside the Group.phtml Smiley Sad.
Referring to ngnix, i had a Test Account and the Site was really really fast.
But First i would like to Try to Speed up the Site by optimizing the Shop First After thinking to Change The Hoster.


Re: Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop

I would recommend you have someone examine the code as a first step instead of switching servers.


I already assume you know how to minify CSS/JS, enable gzip, caching (make sure you dont have a lot of hole punches), image optimizations, etc.


I would have someone look at your setup using Blackfire so you can actually see every process being hit.


We did a project on this at the last Magento Imagine Hackathon and our setup is:

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Re: Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop

Good way to speed up your CE store is to use one or another Full Page Cache (FPC) and we're talking about orders of magnitudes here. Of course, Varnish is even better, but this is stuff for very competent people who actually know what they're doing. There's number of those from different vendors available, so pick your own poison based on your personal preferences.

Tanel Raja

Re: Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop

Aoe Profiler is a fantastic tool with which you can able to identify what are all the queries/objects thats taking too much time to load.


Also you can refer some of the guidelines listed here in


But it definitely require a developer who understands magento internals very well.

Re: Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop

templates to examine closely:


- debug.phtml - 0.14s

- menu_left.phtm - 0.22s

- group.phtml - 0.22s

- form_mini.phtml - 0.28s


maybe there are some elements in these templates you could store in magento system cache.


Re: Magento Profiler - Need to speed up the Shop


One of the ways to speed up a site is to use a Full Page Cache extension. << Snipped>>


Additionally, you should minify CSS, JS and optimize images as it has been pointed out above. This can be done manually or with a help of a module << Snipped >>


Anyway, site speed is not just one thing, it's a combination of many factors that should be considered and improved.

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