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Magento & Typo3


Magento & Typo3


I am currently maintaining a small (400 products and 5 people online at a time) shop set up with Magento and Typo3. The page was done by an agency some time ago. Load times are aweful (about 10 seconds) and the site is hosted on a 10$ shared host. There are a lot of error messages and instabilities...

Im planning to copy the shop into a local dev environment and test the sh... out of it, update and so on. But I have this feeling that the whole thing is pretty much doomed and will need a rebuild anyway.


This leads to my actual question: Is the combination of magento and typo3 a valid solution?

Its really hard to judge over the implementation I am currently looking at, but it just seems that the combination of both leads to a big overhead and long response times.

Do you have experiences in working with magento combined with typo3? Do you have some helpful tips or ressources?


Big thanks in advance!



Re: Magento & Typo3

How are you integrating Magento with Typo3? With a third-party extension? 


IMHO Magento itself is a very powerful CMS so there's no need to include another CMS like Typo3. 


As for the slow loading, it can be a combination of multiple problems, one of it being Magento + Typo3. 



To quote what I have stated in another topic:-


1. Are you using any extensions that can slow things down (this is very normal and happens all the time)? Use the Magento profiler to identify any problematic extensions. 


2. Are your Magento logs regularly cleaned? Make sure that Log Cleaning is enabled (and the Cron Job is running) as the logs can make your database bloated which will slow things down. 


3. Are all application level optimizations already performed? Things like enabling Magento cache, GZip compression, etc. 


 4. As for the server or hosting level, is the server properly optimized for Magento? Is the MySQL properly tweaked to match your store? --> This is obviously a problem as well if the site is hosted on a budget hosting service. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Magento & Typo3

Consider MATE: Magento2 And TYPO3 environment >


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