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Magento and OPCache


Magento and OPCache


this is my first post here, so hello everyone!


I recently enabled OPCache on my server and installed SchumacherFM's Magento-OpCache module.

My question is: do I need anything more to make it work?

Is the caching automatic? Do i have to compile all PHP files manually from SchumacherFM's module GUI?

Does php start caching opcode by itself whenever I enable



Re: Magento and OPCache

You should contact SchumacherFM about support for their module.

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Re: Magento and OPCache

I asked here because the question is about php, magento and opcache. I wrote about SchumacherFM's module only to make it clear that I already have it and it's working.

Re: Magento and OPCache

SchumacherFM's module is only as interface to php function.

so if you have opcache enabled it will show you some settings and control options. opcache will work and cache no matter what.


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Re: Magento and OPCache

Thank you very much