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Magento performance with big number of Catalog Price Rules

Magento performance with big number of Catalog Price Rules

Hi everyone -


In our wholesale website we have about one hundred Catalog Price Rules specifically created for our retail customers. So far, Magento handle them fine, however, there is potential for another several hundreds of Catalog Price Rules being created in the near future.


The question is, how would Magento perform with that much Catalog Price Rules? There are as well a number of Shopping Cart Price Rules and I wander would that be an issue in the future?


Re: Magento performance with big number of Catalog Price Rules



Magento applies catalog price rules on category and product level and applies them before customer lands on category or product page. This way the TTFB and overall page load does not get affected. Saying that, it's good practice not to have more than 3-4 rules per category. The example I am providing here is based on store having more than 25,000 products.  However, be very careful when you have many shopping cart price rules. Magento applies these rules on-the-fly when customer goes to cart page. So, if you do have 200 shopping cart pice rules, Magento will go through them whenever any customer goes to cart page. This does have performance issue on MYSQL, PHP and overall page load. If you really need to have that many rules at a time, try using less 'Actions' and 'Conditions' defined inside them. Good practice is to disable any unused rules or delete them if necessary. Magento omits disabled rules while calculating price.

Re: Magento performance with big number of Catalog Price Rules

Thank you for your reply.

The store itself, in my opinion, is not an ordinary shopping cart we used to see as given examples. It is rather one page product list. It doesn't have category pages nor product pages on its own.

We have several group products which list simple products where you can add them to the cart and once the client finish with his selection, it would be directed to the cart page.

The products would never exceed more than 4-500 alone.

It is good to know though that inactive price rules are omitted. We have bunch of those with expired date but still active.


Thank you for your time.