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Many DB connection

Many DB connection


Our Magento version is

We have 1 web server on AWS EC2 and 1 RDS for DB. Those server already run almost 1 year. Sometimes we got many DB connections. It about 150 connections during 2 hours and cause our web server can't connect to RDS.


Those connection should not from website because I checked our apache log. In the 2 hours. We got very low apache access log. So I guess those DB connections are come from Magento cron. Now I'm plant to write some log when Magento cron be trigger.


Any idea to trace about those connection?


Re: Many DB connection

Look like you need a tool like Aoe_Scheduler & CommerceBug2

Aoe_Scheduler will allow you manage every single cronjob Magento going to execute or already executed.

Commerce Bug might give you more specificed details about your queries.

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