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Memcached maximum size

Memcached maximum size



I'm using Magento and I have setup Memcached as the fast backend, while I have setup the filesystem as the slow backend. The attribute "limit_maxbytes" of Memcached has the default value 64MB.


How can I determine whether the value of the attribute "limit_maxbytes" is adequate for my website?


In addition, I have recently enabled the built-in Magento's External Full Page Cache (from System --> Configuration --> ADVANCED --> System). The only option for External Cache Control I see is Zend Full Page Cache. However, I have not found any resources about the capabilities of that built-in Magento feature.





Re: Memcached maximum size

Re: Memcached maximum size

Hello @Manish Mittal


Thanks for your message.


The links you sent are for setting up Memcached with Magento. I have already set up Memcached with Magento and works fine. However, I'm now trying to optimize Memcached. For example, the attribute "limit_maxbytes" of my Memcached has the default value 64MB. But is this adequate, or it should be larger? I checked the size of my /var/cache directory which is used as the caching slow backend, and this is around 600MB. Is this number an indication of how large my Memcached should be or it is irrelevant?

Re: Memcached maximum size

Turn Memcached off and write to /var/cache/

Run your tests or click through a full shopping scenario.

Then find the largest file in /var/cache/

Set max size of Memcached to 1.x times larges file.


Or don't use Memcached and install Redis.