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Mobile is slow, why?

Mobile is slow, why?

Hi everyone,


my website is fast on PC, but on mobile it is about 3x slower. Is there anyway to do a speed test for mobile versions of sites only to see if there is a fix I can implement?


also do you guys use merge css and merge js in the backend? I hear good and bad things with this and most say JS should be deffered. My website is




Re: Mobile is slow, why?

What sort of mobile version are you running? Is it a separate mobile based theme, a responsive theme or something else? 


Anyway you can run a speed test for your mobile version with WEBPAGETEST where they allow you to choose the browser (both desktop and mobile browsers) to use when accessing your website. 


As for CSS and JS merge, it is usually recommended but can differ depending on the theme you use. Your best bet is to consult with your theme developer on their recommendations. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Mobile is slow, why?

Hi AlterEgoFitness,


Can you share with us on how you create your mobile site? Are they a mobile specific theme or you are relied on the Css to change the layout?




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