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Need help on choosing hosting plan

Need help on choosing hosting plan

I would like to have your suggestion  and advice on deciding which hosting company i should go with.


Currently I have issue with my hosting provider, they claimed because of high traffic i'm getting, they cut the set resource of mine so I will not affect other customers although I have signed up magento optimised hosting with them, they are edgehosting from UK.


Anyway, my current traffic is about 800-900 a day, >4000 products and its growing, taking in about 5-15 orders a day, my budget is about $50-$100 and I would like it to be hosted in UK but I have customers from US, AU, I have my research and these are in my final list;


I would love to hear from your opinion.




Re: Need help on choosing hosting plan

15 orders a day - you can get any shared plan.

not sure where is the high traffic here...

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Re: Need help on choosing hosting plan

Good to see you are growing, the best thing you can do is to get your own server and manage it. This will help in future when you grow more. 



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Re: Need help on choosing hosting plan

If almost customers are on UK, you should choose server at UK.

Re: Need help on choosing hosting plan

With your description, I suggest using VPS rather than shared hosting. You can find many VPS providers with reasonable price, around ~$30 - $50 /month.

Re: Need help on choosing hosting plan

Both ProperHost and Aspiration run LiteMage, which will get you massive gains in speed and a much lower utilization of back-end resources.  If you'd like to see how much, you can message me and we can connect your test environment to a cloud instance.

Both of our partners can resolve your issues, so feel confident that they can support you well.


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