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Onepage Checkout Slow TTFB

Onepage Checkout Slow TTFB

I am experiencing problems with my one page checkout on if you go to the checkout page once you have filled in all of your information there is a loading ring appears and it takes around 7 seconds to go off. The same when you place the order button. 

I have had a look at the network stats and it seems to be XHR requests TTFB taking the time, see image below:


Could this be a server issue or a coding issue? 

Look forward to your help! Thanks in advance! Phil.


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Re: Onepage Checkout Slow TTFB

Most likely this is a server issue, however I am not sure what else you are trying to look up. If you have a gateway that is being called and it is slow to respond that could also slow things down.


At what stage is it slow?

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Re: Onepage Checkout Slow TTFB



Thanks for your reply. So the one page checkout page loads quickly. It is when you have filed in all required fields on the Name & Address section that you get a blue loading circle in the middle of your screen for around 8 seconds. And then also when you click place order you again are met with the blue loading circle but this time only for around 4 seconds while it redirects you to the payment gateway.


Should I try the site on a different server?


Re: Onepage Checkout Slow TTFB

your whole site is slow, you have bad server configuration.

remove all extra modules from apache, upgrade php, install opcache, and configure database properly...

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Re: Onepage Checkout Slow TTFB

Hi Bret, 


Thanks for replying, I have now moved my site over to a development server


However the save billing request on the one page checkout is now taking 16 seconds! Again is this bad server configuration? Can you recommend anything please?


Look forward to hearing from you. 



Re: Onepage Checkout Slow TTFB

you have to learn how to use magento profiler - by analyzing its trace you can tell exactly what is slowing your checkout.


enable default magento profiler or install Aoe Profiler (just google) - it is quite easy to install and configure.

possible reasons for slow save billing request:


  1. you have too many external shipping gateway URLs magento has to query to collect shipping rates. disable USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL shipping methods and see how it affects checkout. as an experiment leave only free shipping method.
  2. disable gift message extension - it comes by default 
  3. try to switch cache storage from filesystem to database in app/etc/local.xml
  4. you have third party extension observers that are slowing checkout - again with profiler you can tell exact what they are.