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Poor Performance

Poor Performance

Hello everyone!


I'm building a new e-shop for a client and the performance is quite poor, especially the home page first load. I have enabled production mode, minimized CSS and JS, and i'm using Cloudflare free CDN plan, and I have seen a 100% speed boost, but I could surely appreciate dropping the first load to ~3 secs.


Please help me. Site :


Re: Poor Performance

You have to run Magento with Varnish cache setup on the server. It's super fast with Varnish and super slow without. All our clients stores have 0.2-0.4s first byte time which would be impossible without Varnish.
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Re: Poor Performance

We are going to need some info.


Who is your host?

What version is your PHP?

What version is your MySql?

What is your caching strategy? Redis, memcache, varnish, all

What have you done to optimize your server?

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