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Printing Disabled


Printing Disabled

Hello all, I'd like to start off by saying I have very little clue about how anything about this works, our IT guy left suddenly and so all of this got left to me, and our independent IT guy is nowhere to be found. It got left to me because I'm good with computers, but this a whole new level.


Our website sells gym wear and accessories online, using Magento  Community Edition. I don't think the website functioned properly from the beginning, items not showing up properly etc, but it got the job done. Then suddenly it really started getting bad, the sub-categories would link to blank pages, and images wouldn't show up. And now finally we have it completely gone. When you try and access our page we get the Printing Disabled error message. From what I've seen, people usually get this problem when installing Magento, or when moving to a different host. We didn't do either.


Any ideas?


Re: Printing Disabled

you need to go for example to and hire someone.

probably he will help you with your errors.

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Re: Printing Disabled

If you are familiar with SFTP/SCP, you can look in the var/report folder, find the file named with the number that displays on the Error Printing page and that is a stack trace that can be used to help figure out what's going wrong.


If this sounds like gobblety-gooke, then you need to hire a new IT guy or somebody with Magento maintenance and programming experience.


Whatever you do, don't enable the page to display the error, one of the latest Magento patches causes the error message to potentially contain login names and passwords...