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Problem time the first byte (TTFB)

Problem time the first byte (TTFB)

Hi Magento Expert,


I'm optimizing the  website (community version and facing the issue TTFB waiting time more than 20 seconds while submitting a form like (forgot password, checkout process with cash on delivery and etc). Please suggest the best solution to resolve this issue.


Look forward to hear from you soon.






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Re: Problem time the first byte (TTFB)

TTFB of more than a second is considered very long, let alone 20 seconds. 


Does this only happen with the forms? 


Do you have anything that can be causing the holdup, like a remote database connection or some script timing out? 


Is the slowness happening at the Admin backend as well? 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Problem time the first byte (TTFB)



Thanks for your reply.


- It's happening with forms only not with the whole website.

- website page load speed not more than 2.5 secs

- Admin panel is also working fine


Let me know if you need info from me.





Re: Problem time the first byte (TTFB)

Seems like you got conflict between installed extensions on your site. You can try to disable some or all of extensions and then test the form again.