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REDIS Process / Swatch images cache build-up / server failure

REDIS Process / Swatch images cache build-up / server failure

Magento 1.9 (Multi-store)

Domains : , , ,


Server (REDIS) - Running out of CPU when Cache not cleared every few hours.





This error happens if I do not flush cache every few hours :

* I believe that Magento process builds up Swatch images cache in /media/ folder.
* Over a few hours the entire 60GB CPU would be used > thereby causing no CPU available > ERROR

In response to this TODAY MY SERVER UPGRADED FOR FREE (Will fix temporarily I assume) :


CPU Type - Shared
vCPUs - 6 vCPUs
Memory - 16 GB
SSD - 320 GB (from 60GB)
Transfer - 6 TB


I've previously asked a Magento specialist at AMASTY , he/she said :

"The issue with REDIS is connected with the fact that on the server, REDIS does not
save any data on the hard drive, it only uses RAM resources, and that leads to memory
overflow rather quickly. So we advise you to contact your hosting provider to look
into that."

I asked my server about this and they said my server guy needs to fix magento.


Can someone please help me or lead me in the right direction !!!


Re: REDIS Process / Swatch images cache build-up / server failure

Server responsed below when asked about this issue (REDIS overflow) :

(Gibberish to me)


Free upgrade from 60GB > 320GB SSD (CPU storage)


"Thank you for reaching out to us on this. Please note that as a self-managed provider we do not directly access customer deployments within Droplets. We are happy to offer guidance and any insights we might have to help you move forward as a self-managed provider even though we may not be able to provide a direct solution.

In this case, the redis default configuration would be in-memory. If looking at the deployment you see the majority of memory held up with redis, then it would validate their observation. The only approaches here would be to identify how to restrict memory usage with redis in your deployment or consider using a Droplet with more memory."

Re: REDIS Process / Swatch images cache build-up / server failure

I think that the quote provided by your host says it all. You're in an unmanaged hosting account. Your host is providing you with infrastructure, but not with configurations and optimizations around Magento, or with maintenance, management, and monitoring of your hosting environment beyond infrastructure upkeep.


They can give you more resources like RAM, CPU and Hard Disk space, but that's all that they're in a position to offer you. That doesn't make them a bad company, they're just an infrastructure provider and not a managed Magento hosting provider. If you have your own SysOps team on staff, this can make sense. If you don't, it's not advisable. 


Best practice is to either choose a fully-managed Magento host, OR to get a team that works with your infrastructure provider in order to deliver the extra management layer that you need. Either way, I'd advise against leaving this unmanaged.


Best of luck!

Re: REDIS Process / Swatch images cache build-up / server failure

I agree with @Robert Rand


It does seem like you are with an unmanaged provider. 


You will either need to get a Magento specialized company to manage your unmanaged server or move to a fully managed provider so you will not need to worry about your server environment.