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Re: Performance like the Ultimo Theme demo

Re: Performance like the Ultimo Theme demo

Dear All


Greetings to fellow community members!


I am new at Magento (use other shopping carts so far), and am thinking of creating a new site on CE using the Ultimo theme. I saw the demo of this theme at:


and it's blazing fast. My questions are:

a) Is it possible to get this kind of speed & performance on a semi-dedicated hosting (say like the Nexcess SIP 200 plan, )


b) Any kind of full page cache that is COMPULSORY for speed?


Thanks & Regards


Re: Performance like the Ultimo Theme demo

I've used Amasty Full Page Cache with great success for speeding up web page. Check -- it runs on shared server and speed gains we achieved were really impressive.

Tanel Raja

Re: Performance like the Ultimo Theme demo


You can get blazing fast Magento performance on an SSD or NVMe VPS (no reason to pay for dedicated) with a fast host with a great backbone network with dedicated resources to handle your traffic.


No reason to turn on anything except gzip compression, have an optimized .htaccess file and use a finely tuned server.


Stay away from any type of shared or cloaked-style shared hosts, including hosts that advertise optimized Magento that simply run caches to artificially speed up your site's rendering.



Re: Performance like the Ultimo Theme demo



there will always be pages that are not cached and those will be slow.


Pick a decent hosting plan, make sure your time to first byte (TTFB) is optimized and compress your images to save up on page size.


Use tools like and Google Page Speed Insights to boost your magento performance.

Re: Performance like the Ultimo Theme demo

That depends if you keep it a base installation or add too many extensions, categories, products, stores to it.


With full page cache you have the stale content issue, there are two views if the site is slow.

1) High performance hosting to offset the lag (multi-server)

2) Use a full page cache to provide the illusion of performance


The first is expensive, the second you never solve the Google, Customer Checkout, Backend issues.


There is a third, inexpensive and high performance without cache, but that is a rare beast as it perfectly balances the two approaches.


Then there is the fourth, high performace multi-server hosting with full page cache as it includes both approaches but comes at a price.


Lastly there is the fifth, reduce the number of extensions, products, categories, stores.