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Saving Product super slow

Saving Product super slow


saving a product in our magento backend takes up to 30 seconds.
It is a multi-store magento with 5 websites and 2 - 5 store views each and a total of 800 products.
the frontend is very fast thanks to fpc and our server - response time is around 60ms - so the server is not the issue.

to test some stuff we made an identical copy of our shop, chaning nothing at first.
the surprising thing was that in that test shop, saving a product was only 7 seconds.

turning off automatic index helped to reduce the time to 5 seconds

now the question is...what could cause the huge delay in our live shop if the test shop is exactly the same? all DB entries, extensions are the same, the only difference i can think of is the cache and var/session folder

how can i dig deeper, finding out what's causing the issue? Varien profiler is not a big help because adding up the time column is not even close to 30 seconds...

thanks a lot in advance


Re: Saving Product super slow

The default Magento profiler might not catch all the details. I suggest installing Aoe_Profiler. Then go to product edit page, save it and check profiler entries. You will recognize those that took the most time. Report back your findings.

Re: Saving Product super slow

Hi @fabstr,

Can you enable the slow queries log on your database?

Maybe those logs can help you to find the reason.

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Re: Saving Product super slow


thanks, I tried using the latest version of Aoe_Profiler already but it doesn't work properly.
it only logs the frontend but for the backend there is no output or stored data in the profiler menu.

i try to narrow it down furthermore. so far i realized that when I flush the cache before saving a product the time is significantly lower.
now i just need to figure out what's magento doing excatly with the cache and why it takes so long Smiley Happy


@Damian Culotta
thanks for the hint, didn't thought about it yet

Re: Saving Product super slow

"now i just need to figure out what's magento doing excatly with the cache and why it takes so long"

There is only one way to figure this out - see what is going on behind the scenes. AOE_Profiler should log both frontend and backend. Are you sure you follow the setup guide? Did you edit the configuration xml that is in var folder?