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Server and SEO consultant for Magento

Server and SEO consultant for Magento

Hi all,


We are looking for a SEO consultant who have experience with Magento, the best practices for SEO etc.


Also looking for a server consultant to optimize the server for performance. Should be an expert in Ngnix, fpm, varnish, implementation of multi server with load balancer etc.




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Re: Server and SEO consultant for Magento

Hello Amjath,


A few of our clients are using Web2Market and they seem very good (our clients using them praise them). You may want to give them a check.


I'm not sure if it will get you anything (we haven't worked with them directly much). But you could try mentioning that I sent you and they may be able to offer a deal (no promises!). Just to note, I receive nothing for referring you, just trying to help out!



Leslie B.
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