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Server setup for Magento 1.9ce

Server setup for Magento 1.9ce



I have searched everywhere for information on how to setup my server


Currently have

Virtual Miniserver - 4 x 1.50 GHz Xeon cores, 15 GB RAM

160GB SSD disk space.

Unmetered bandwidth: 40 Mbps burst, 10Mbps dedicated (4:1 Contention) CentOS 7 & cPanel


My hosts setup the server ready for my developers to install my store


Problem is hosts are not Magento specialists and i think that various settings have just been left as "default"


Hosting company have said: It would be impossible for us to debug without in depth knowledge of your application.


Hence my question:


Where can i find information that i can give to them about the optimal setup for a Magento store OR is there a consultant out there who would assist in setting this up for me


My developers have said send them "Magento on Steroids" but is there any other literature out there that would help


Thank you


Re: Server setup for Magento 1.9ce

Hi @PoshMasks 

Check following url Hosting partners if you have any partner available in your country better to use that.


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Re: Server setup for Magento 1.9ce

dont forget you have cPanel, you will definitely get "defaults" , but cPanel optimization is not so simple. 

missing repositories, php modules, and empty mysql config... lots of  work


but if you have small shop, it will work.

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Re: Server setup for Magento 1.9ce

It sounds like you're starting out with Magento, in which case I'd save yourself a load of time and stress and get hosted on a Magento-specific host. Good ones I've used are Nexcess and simpleServers but there are loads out there.


They'll get you setup properly on a system optimised for Magento, and you can move on with making your store Smiley Happy