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Slow Submit Order at Check out


Slow Submit Order at Check out

Hi I am developing a new magento store. Taking it from WP to magento. Everything seems to be going well, but I can't get the checkout to speed up. APC enabled, running 4 gig ram, SSD VPS through full page cache active native magento caching enabled. other magento modules disabled per research online. optimized mysql and apache.

How to I trace what is going on for those 40 seconds and figure out where a bottle neck is or what is happening. I've done most things my online research has showed...with little improvement.

Thank you

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Re: Slow Submit Order at Check out

The checkout process is not cache so that it won't work faster more than normal. But when you cache all other part it will save you a lot of server resource in high traffic. In this case, the only way to make it faster is increase RAM and CPU

Re: Slow Submit Order at Check out

Dear @weddingprepgals,


On checkout page of Magento process many information and validate function so it take a lot time to complete checkout steps. However, if your site take too many time checkout, you should check shipping methods again. If you use too many shipping methods, your site need to check shipping information and calculate fee ship. This maybe cause slow speed on your checkout page. Also, you can choose select an One Step Checkout extension to combines all six Magento checkout steps into one and makes it appear in a single page.

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One Step checkout extension - Social Login extension - Gift Card extension

Re: Slow Submit Order at Check out

Can some external tracking scripts affect the page load time?

Re: Slow Submit Order at Check out

@BryanWalters: Yes, they can slow down page load, especially when you have many external scripts in your website. 

Feel free to open a new topic if you have any other questions or would like to further discuss this with the community. Smiley Happy

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Re: Slow Submit Order at Check out

Thanks James for Quick Feedback.

Re: Slow Submit Order at Check out

first you need a profiler in place to see what is going on after you click on submit order button


enable default magento profiler or install Aoe Profiler 


see a detailed tutorial on how to optimize magento with default profiler 


possible reasons for slow magento checkout:


1. if you are using magento up to 1.9.1 your problem might be with magento sending new order email during checkout. with 1.9.1 new order emails are sent with cron after new order submitted.

2. you have third party extension observers that are slowing checkout


here is 5 fixes for slow magento checkout