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Some questions

Some questions



I'm a new Magento user (since yesterday).

I'm from Belgium, so excuse me for my not so good english.

I am building a webshop.
Placing a product with online payment works but I have some questions:


1) I want to ask extra information from the clients. Not only the standard data they have to give.

2) I want a view of all the clients that bought a product. (This is because my product are workshops and I need to know who will follow the workshop)

3) When I do a test I can buy the product but I don't get an confimation e-mail, while in my back-end I get the notification that the customer recieved a mail.

4) How do I add an administration cost?


I use Magento 1.9.

Thank you for helping me!


Stef Coomans


Re: Some questions

Hi @twaucll,


1) I guess you should need new customer attributes. In this case you'll need to use code to create the attributes and maybe some code to show those fields in the right place. It will depend on your approach/feature definition.


2) You can't get that information through reports. The information is into the database (of course) but you won't find a report with that structure. Maybe you can find some custom report on Magento Connect or Magento MarkePlace.


3) Are you working on a local environment? Are you sure your server/computer can send emails?


4) Can you explain a little bit more about how that cost will impact on transactions?



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Re: Some questions

Hi @Damian Culotta


Thank you for your respons!


1) In meantime i had managed to do this, it works!

2) That's a bummer! Without such reports, it's very hard to have a good overview for the workshops.

3) I have a database via webhosting Combel. They have set a cron to send the mails every 10 minutes. But is doesn's work yet.

4) I want the clients pay €1 extra per checkout/payment, to cover the cost of Engenico Payments (Ogone online payment).

Thank you! 
Greets, Stef

Re: Some questions

About the question 2. You'll find reports but not the exactly report that you are looking for.Take a look at Reports on your bakend menu.

I remember some thrid-party modules that adds new reports but I don't remember the name right now. You'll need to make your own reserach.


4) So maybe you'll need to increase the price of your product by $1?

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Re: Some questions

Hi Stef!
I'm from the Netherlands myself Smiley Happy

2) you could try this link

3) Check your database table `core_email_queue`. If the mails are still there they aren't send. If you don't see them there they are sent but there could be an error with your sending protocol. What kind of server do you send with?
4) Like said.. add 1 euro to the price? haha