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Speed Issue

Speed Issue


Hello, my site is pretty dang slow and I don't know how to administer the recommended changes. Is there an easy fix for any of these? My indexed URLs recently went from 70k down to 30k and I believe that speed could be one of the reasons as to why.


-Combine External JavaScript

-Parallelize downloads across hostnames

-Combine external CSS

-Serve static content from a cookieless domain

-Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS

-Leverage browser caching


Look forward to any type of feedback/solutions!!!!







Re: Speed Issue

Do you have a web developer or IT person who can help with implementing this?

Is your site always slow or did the slowdown happened recently?

Re: Speed Issue



Speed may definitely be an issue there. Studies show that 53% of visitors abandon a page if it doesn't load on 3 seconds (on mobile!), so that may very well be your case.


What you described sounds like something that you can easily fix. It's just a matter of finding the right way to access your files and make some adjustments. << Snipped >>



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