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Time to first byte slow, but on a fast server

Re: Time to first byte slow, but on a fast server

I saw this article :

So we installed Zend OpCache, and now its seems we are getting a stable TTFB of 0.3


Everything is being loaded into memory (IO system is relatively idle on the server)

@ MagenX

Its the delay to the first byte was my concern as it was higher than 0.2 ( google recommend under 0.2), + other magento websites on the same spec server are getting under 0.2

My main concern was that the TTFB would get worse when we move over our main site to the new server/platform (more traffic). But I did concurrent users test and it seems to cope ok.

I think going forward we will try a Full Page Cache Plugin but are there any you would recommend for 1.9? (I noticed in the reviews there is a issue with Turpentine and magento version past 1.7)


Re: Time to first byte slow, but on a fast server

Your speed tests are low, they should be in the upper 80% to 90% range. Full page cache causes all sorts of other problems primarily with stale content and the fact that it doesn't help in the checkout process which is where you lose 60-80% of customers. Some of the largest stores are 400ms ttfb, it's very difficult to archieve 150-200ms without fpc so for most the realistic range is 300-500ms. The fpc is reliant on business circumstances, the most tested is Varnish but it needs to be a careful decision due to the tradeoffs, our environment doesn't use fpc but it's based around realtime pricing so needed the performance without it, we're setup with Redis. If your performance is still a problem due to code your next move is cluster hosting.