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Updates don't get saved in the backend.


Updates don't get saved in the backend.

Hey, got an issues with Magento 1.9.0

Sometimes when i try to change something in the backend, save it, it tells me that all changes are saved, BUT!  When i check the page it reloads the old data. The database are still the same. No changes!

Could you help, please? Is that a server cache issue or something? Thx


Re: Updates don't get saved in the backend.

Are you able to see any vonsole errors in the browser console?

Are you getting this error when you content contains keywords like select , insert , delete , update or truncate?


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Re: Updates don't get saved in the backend.

this could be javascript error or php "max_input_vars" limit?

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Re: Updates don't get saved in the backend.

Usually you see this behavior when you have caching enabled.  


Scenario 1: You make an update to the database, but either the data is cached so magento re-renders the php + html using the old cached data




Secnario 2: You have a page cache plugin of some sort installed and the compiled output of the PHP + HTML + CSS & JS is saved on disk, in memory or via Redis or Memcached and so it doesn't look any different after making updates...


Less likely to be root casuse, but it may have SOME effect is that you need to reindex your content / catalog for your chages to the EAV syste to be reflected in the flat tables that store data for performance.


Here's how to check / disable if you're unfamiliar


This is a surefire hint that you need to clear and refresh some portion fo the objects that are in your cache.



This is how you access the Syste > Cache Management or System > Indexing menus:



To refresh the data cache or page cached elements, select the check box next to the one that is in need or invallidation, make sure your action is set to refresh, then click the submit button.


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