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Very slow Checkout on New Store

Very slow Checkout on New Store

I have freshly installed Magento with all default settings I added one product and now when I do actions:

1. "Add to Cart" 

2. Estimate Shipping

3. Update Quantity


Each action takes on an average 15-20 seconds ("Update quantity" taking maximum time).  I have tried enabling and disabling cache but no effect.  Since it is a fresh install, so no extra extension installed.


Please suggest what should I do in this since this is not bearable for an ecommerce site.


Re: Very slow Checkout on New Store

Hello sunveer,


-How you enable https:// for your website?

Should check permission for folder cache: var/cache/* .And You should try again to enable you all caches: System > Cache Management > Enable Magento Cache. If still not working properly, try to restart your server.


Note: By default, https:// is 'slower' than http://

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Re: Very slow Checkout on New Store

I have to use https since website is e-commerce website.  Yes, I know https communication is slow but not so much slow I suppose.  I had tried enabling all caches but still same.


I am on a shared hosting and I don't want to pay high end charge for any other hosting since this is my startup and I resist in switching since I am not sure if upgrading my hosting will make it fast. 


But with all default things and only me as visitor, I think shared hosting should work for it.

Re: Very slow Checkout on New Store

Tried disabling https, but still the same.