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Will Magento work on my hosting company?

Will Magento work on my hosting company?

Good morning,


I'm not a programmer but I'm trying to get a lettering program setup and found that I must have a website at Magento.


My current hosting service is HostNexus - will this work?


As I only need a Magento website to have a JavaScript program for vinyl lettering, I'm not sure what to do. What I'm trying to accomplish is to have a vinyl lettering program working. The customer can go into the program and type in the text he needs. He can then select the vinyl color and the typestyles. He will write this information down on a piece of paper and when he goes into my Ebay listing, he will write down the typestyle #, vinyl color and the text he needs to be cut into a vinyl decal.


The program is ONLY so he can see what his decal will look like. He will not be ordering from the program nor will the information be saved.


I'm hoping that my HostNexus service will work but I'm open to any suggestions as to what to do.


I thank you for your help.



Melbourne FL


Re: Will Magento work on my hosting company?

Your best bets are either to contact the hosting provider to confirm this (they may tell you that it works but it may not run well) or just install Magento and test it out? 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Will Magento work on my hosting company?

it's a simple "shared hosting"? you might have some problem
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Re: Will Magento work on my hosting company?

Normally, shared hosting allows Javascript, so I think your function will work properly.


You'd better backup your website then try new code directly on the hosting to test the function.