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blank page after login


blank page after login

Hi guys, i have just moved my magento site from one server to another live server. The homepage shows fine as well as the login page. But as soon as I logined, the page was all blank. And the url is http://www.domainname/index.php/admin/dashboard/index/key/(key value)/

My Magento version is


I tried many ways on the internet but still can't fix the problem. Can anyone suggest what I can do? Thanks a lot!!!


Re: blank page after login

you have to check your magento error logs and php error log,

blank page means you have php error.


probably something is missing, broken file, or maybe even permissions

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Re: blank page after login

Thanks but how can I check my magento error log and php error log? Sorry that i am really just a beginner. xx Thank you!

Re: blank page after login

Thanks guys! Problem solved ! I found that the problem is on the hosting service environment and I added the bom extension then everything is fine now.