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hi everyone, i have a question

hi everyone, i have a question

I recently have been doing a lot research on finding a new host provider for the company I work for. As you all now, this can be a daunting task, especially when you are limited on some knowledge of ecommerce.


The big questions is, when do you know its time to upgrade your hosting? Looking for the dedicated servers etc.. ?


To be quite honest, I have no idea what type of hosting our company needs at this time. I am going with what these sales reps at the hosting companies tell me. I thought I ask here and see what you guys have to say. Maybe you can provide some insight on where I am currently at and what type of hosting our company needs at this time.


Store Info:

We have 130 products at this time.

We are currently averaging 30,000 sessions per month according to Google analytics


Is that enough store info to guide me in the right direction? If you need more to better evaluate, just let me know.


Thanks in advance!


Re: hi everyone, i have a question

It is generally time to upgrade your hosting / hardware if you experience slowness or performance issues that cannot be fixed with software level optimizations. 


Your store doesn't sound too big so I will suggest that you go with a Magento focused provider who has a smaller plan but has the ability to let you scale up and upgrade when your store grows. 


The type of hosting service to go with will also depends on your budget. If your budget is low, you can start with shared hosting or basic cloud hosting (make sure the provider is focused in Magento) and if you have a higher budget, consider a Managed VPS or Managed Cloud Server right away. 

Re: hi everyone, i have a question

Here are key factors to evaluate if it's time to upgrade ecommerce hosting:

Site performance - Slow speeds, trouble handling traffic spikes, and downtime indicate a need for upgraded hosting.

Growth trajectory - Steady monthly traffic growth requires planning for more robust hosting to accommodate future needs.

Technical limitations - Shared hosting can restrict plugins, caching, etc. Upgrading removes these barriers.

Security priorities - Dedicated servers allow more advanced security tools like firewalls.

Budget - Balance spending with current and future needs.

In-house expertise - Managed plans are easier if you lack server management skills.

For your site size, I'd likely upgrade from shared to a managed VPS plan for better performance, growth capabilities and expertise.

Re: hi everyone, i have a question

Determining when to upgrade your hosting depends on factors like website traffic, resource usage, and future growth plans. Based on your store info:

  1. Traffic: 30,000 sessions per month is a decent amount, but consider factors like page views and concurrent users. If your website experiences slow loading times or downtime due to traffic spikes, it might be time to upgrade.

  2. Products: The number of products matters, but the complexity of these products and the features on your website also impact hosting needs. E-commerce sites with extensive product catalogs may benefit from dedicated hosting.

  3. Future Growth: Consider your growth projections. If you expect a significant increase in traffic or plan to add more products and features, it's wise to invest in scalable hosting.

  4. Technical Requirements: Review the technical requirements of your e-commerce platform and ensure your hosting meets or exceeds those specifications.

  5. Performance: Monitor website performance. If it's consistently slow, leading to high bounce rates, an upgrade is advisable.

  6. Consult with Hosting Providers: Speak to multiple hosting providers, explain your needs, and ask for recommendations. They can provide insights into the best hosting options based on your current and future requirements.

In summary, it's crucial to assess your website's performance, traffic trends, and future plans to determine the right time to upgrade hosting. Consulting with hosting experts can also provide valuable guidance.