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host transfer


host transfer

I have zipped my website and grabbed it on my new server.  Then unzipped it.  Imported dbase. Changed nameservers.


Now if I go to my site, I get the default white website with all latin text.  If I change my nameserver back, it works perfect.  Very odd.


I am using virtualmin and I am not getting any errors in the log file.


Any ideas?  Sound like something simple.


Re: host transfer

Make sure no other index.html or index.htm file is present in the web directory. Flush cache. Make sure Apache is bound to the proper IP for the domain you are moving. Restart Apache and php-fpm to clear php opcode cache. Just a few things I can think of off the top of my head with the information you provided.

Re: host transfer



For configure with a new server/domain, you can follow either of the two solutions:

Solution 1:

If you are able to log into backend, you can easily modify the base URLs of the site via:


System -> Configuration -> Web (Under the General section) -> Unsecure

There change the Field "Base URL" to the new domain.


System -> Configuration -> Web (Under the General section) -> Secure

Here, the "Base URL" field should either match the site's domain or, if you have purchased aPrivate SSL certificate for the site, here you should type the https form of the URL of your store.


Solution 2 :

If you do not have access to the backend anymore, you need to modify the URL within the database.


Go to the table: core_config_data and update below two records:



Make sure your theme language setting are same.


The last thing you need to do is clear the cache. The cache folder is located in your root directory > /var/cache/. To clear the cache, delete all the files.


Please accept my solution if you satisfied




Re: host transfer

Must have been a corrupt database.  I re-imported the database and now it works.


Re: host transfer

Sounds good. Thanks for reporting back to the community about your solution. Smiley Happy

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Re: host transfer

Can't say enough how important it is to update htaccess to remove/replace followsymlinks.