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indexer and EE

indexer and EE

Hi all


I have issues with Magento Indexer, because it is too slow and blocks my site. My question is: does Magento EE have a faster, or less blocking, indexer?


Re: indexer and EE

Once your store has enough products / visitors, you should not use backend indexer at all. What you need to do is to turn majority (or all) of indexes to "Manual Update" and run indexer script (shell/indexer.php) using cron instead as often as needed (I usually run it only once a day during slow hours).

Tanel Raja

Re: indexer and EE

Catalog complexity will dictate how long a re-index will take - 

  • It depends on products and categories you have in your catalog
  • It depends on attributes you have in your catalog
  • And number of stores

Remove the extra attributes and categories which are not usable, clear the catalog_url_rewrite table and then run the indexing. And no moving to EE won't solve this problem.

Re: indexer and EE

We would need more stats in order to determine the outcome.


  • What version of Magento are you on right now?
  • What is your server setup?
  • How many products do you have?
  • How many stores?
  • Flat catalog enabled?
  • How many attributes?

I do have a EE setup (14 stores/websites) that contain approximately 50,000 SKUs. With our server setup, we are seeing a full reindex at 7 minutes. Of course we only do this at night. If I excluded the products attribute index (we have a ton), the others only take about 90 seconds.

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Re: indexer and EE

we also used to do this for Gerard Darel store. Once we reached 10K SKUs, I had to use cron twice a day (special inventory update twice a day)

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