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Abandoned Cart no report for Reg. Cust with Address

Abandoned Cart no report for Reg. Cust with Address

Hello guys, I have read a lot trought the forum an on the net about the deafula Magento abandoned cart reports, and I would like to confirm here some bugs, issues with the cart to understand how it should be working, and what I should take as a bug.

1) So first of all I know that it track registered users ok
2) It does track from the moment you add the product in the cart, until you make a checkout (it logically disappears from the ab.c. reports) or just leave the page at any moment (than the repo stays)

3) We had a bug with middlename, when empty the abandoned cart was not tracked (resolved, also there is an answer to that on this forum)

4) And the last issue I managed to discover lately is that if you have a registered Address in you account the cart is also not tracked. Could anyone confirm this, and help me understand if it's a bug or just a porgramm logic?