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Add Shipping methods per proudct

Add Shipping methods per proudct


 I have one thirdparty shipping plugin (SEUR),  I need to customize the multiple checkout based on the shipping method. I have added an option in magento backend for selecting the shipping methods as dropdown.  Based on this selection i need to display the orders as separately. 


I will explain with an example: 


In my cart , there are two products with different shipping method. When we select the both products to same shipping address , we need to display as different orders. I am trying to make this happen by creating address id's separately.  But we didn't get the shipping rate price for each address id's .  Is it possible to get shipping rate for each address id .


 Is any one help me to find a suitable solution for this? 



Thanks in advance.

Tharunraj kr


Re: Add Shipping methods per proudct

I advice you to dig into multi-shipping side

Magento? it's really interesting.. BroSolutions like it Smiley Happy