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Add to Cart from product view not working

Add to Cart from product view not working

Hello everyone,


I have reach my end on trying to figure this out and hope someone can point me in the right direction to resolve this issue.  I thought it was since the magento was not updated so I recently updated to version  It works to add products from the home page but when you try and add from the product collections page, it refreshes the page but nothing gets added to the cart.  I was able to correct the issue of the update and clear cart but have not been able to resolve this issue.  I have tried all tricks found online but with no luck.


The website is  Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Add to Cart from product view not working


#1 Please check add to cart functionality for default theme.
#2 Enable log file from admin

Admin > System >Configuration >Developer > Log Setting

see log file:- var/log/


Re: Add to Cart from product view not working

Thank you for the reply.


I have checked the add to cart and have found that when you click on just collection from the top menu it does not work.  But when you are on the collection list and click to change the view to list, it works.  Also when you change it back to grid view but it just does not work when you click on the collection button.  Also, if you click on add to cart from the home page it also works.  When the link is like the following no matter what category it does not work.


When it is as the link below the add to cart button works.


I have checked and and the only errors that I am seeing are with app.php and with head.phtml files ony.  Could it be with one of those?