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Add to basket & admin login issue


Add to basket & admin login issue

I have two rather wierd issues on CE that only started about a week ago and I believe they are related but just don't know where to look for the solution.


When on a product page and attempting to add to cart the site tries to add for a about 15-20 seconds then the page reloads. Nothing has been added after the reload. The second time clicking add to cart will add to cart as intended.


The second issue which I think is related to the first is when attempting to login to the admin. Usually only happens the first time logging into the admin for the day. After inputting the credentials and attempting to login the page refreshes after about 20 seconds with no errors or warnings. The second attempt on the refreshed page will then login as usual.


I had the compiler enabled when I started having this issue and found that with this enabled, it was an endless loop of attempting to add to cart and also attempting to login to admin with never a success.  The only way I was able to successfully complete either task was after deleting all cache and sessions from the /var folder. Grasping for solutions, I disabled the compiler and thought the issue was fixed but this didn't fix it completely. I don't have to delete the cache or sessions now but do have to make two attempts.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!


Re: Add to basket & admin login issue

Do you have any caching system in place?

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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