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Addictional Attribute C# SOAP V2

Addictional Attribute C# SOAP V2

Hi all and previously sorry for may english.


I'm trying to create a product in magento using c# and SOAP V2 Api.

I create with success the product bua when i set an addictional attribute, in Magento the fields is empty.

I have search more post without results.

My code is:

MagentoService mservice = new MagentoService();
            var mlogin = mservice.login("teamsystem", "T3amsystem");
            filters myfilter = new filters();
            catalogProductCreateEntity newproduct = new catalogProductCreateEntity();
   = textBox4.Text ;
            newproduct.description = textBox4.Text ;
            newproduct.status = "1";
            newproduct.short_description = textBox5.Text;
            newproduct.price = "10,00";
            newproduct.tax_class_id = "2";
            newproduct.weight = "10";

            associativeEntity[] AdditionalAttributes = new associativeEntity[1];
            associativeEntity AdditionalAttribute = new associativeEntity();
            AdditionalAttribute.key = "divano";
            AdditionalAttribute.value = "prova1";
            AdditionalAttributes[0] = AdditionalAttribute;
            catalogProductAdditionalAttributesEntity AdditionalAttributesEntity = new catalogProductAdditionalAttributesEntity();
            AdditionalAttributesEntity.single_data  = AdditionalAttributes;
            newproduct.additional_attributes = AdditionalAttributesEntity;
            mservice.catalogProductCreate(mlogin,"simple","9",textBox3.Text ,newproduct,"");

 My Magento version is:


Thank's to all



Re: Addictional Attribute C# SOAP V2

You would be better asking c# questions on a Stack Exchange forum

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