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Adding Random Fee to Order

Adding Random Fee to Order



I am working on a website geared for the South East Asia market. I have been told that many S.E.A. websites will add a randomly generated "fee" of some sort, perhaps equivilant to 1-2 cent USD to the order to either use as a reference number or to make the order totals different to differentiate the order when people are sending in bank wires and such. 


The way it was explained to me is that it would be hard to tell what a bank wire is for if there are multiple orders with the same total value. It seems like Groupon Indonesia incorporates something like this under the "Payment Code" name. 


Is there a way to accomplish this in Magento? The main thing is that the fee would need to be randomly generated and within a specific currency range.




Re: Adding Random Fee to Order

This would be something that you would have to get custom created in your backend. If you are talking to your system integrator for Magento EE They could give you some advice on this.

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