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Admin - Customer details empty page


Admin - Customer details empty page

Hello everyone,

my /admin section works fine except for the customer details (the page that should be opened when you click on a customer).

I have the toolbar (back, reset, .., save customer, save and continue edit) but the rest of the page is empty.

Of course I've checked my system.log and cleared var/cache and session, still blank.

I've enabled developer mode and enabled errors, still nothing.

So, I've started to check for all the xml that have <adminhtml_customer_edit>, and compared the result with a clean Magento installation.

Now, for what I can see, there is only magemonkey.xml, and I've commented out its content and cleared the cache.

Still nothing.


Seriously I don't know how to debug this problem, any help is really appreciated!


Thank in advance,






I've pasted this code to app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/CustomerController.php, function editAction(), at the end:


  $req  = Mage::app()->getRequest();
    $info = sprintf(
        "\nRequest: %s\nFull Action Name: %s_%s_%s\nHandles:\n\t%s\nUpdate XML:\n%s",
        $req->getRequestedRouteName(),      //full action name 1/3
        $req->getRequestedControllerName(), //full action name 2/3
        $req->getRequestedActionName(),     //full action name 3/3

    // Force logging to var/log/layout.log
    Mage::log($info, Zend_Log::INFO, 'layout.log', true);

 And after I have removed some additional stuff introduced by other extensions, now the output is exactly the same as the original magento installation. But I still have a blank page!



Re: Admin - Customer details empty page

Hi @lrnzsfr 


Sounds like you might have to check your PHP error log. SInce this page might be throwing an error before it can finish rendering.


I don't have a great deal of experience with the Mage Monkey extension, but it could be having an effect on your customer page since as far as I know its an integration with mailchimp.


Try setting the active node to false in: /app/etc/modules/Ebizmarts_MageMonkey.xml


And reclear the cache.

Re: Admin - Customer details empty page

Hi @Theis Corfixen ,


first of all, thanks for your reply.

I've just tried to set to false, and I've done a rm -rf var/cache/* (at the moment I have completely disabled the Magento cache, too).

Still a blank page. Very confused :\

Re: Admin - Customer details empty page

Did you check the actual php error log?

Re: Admin - Customer details empty page

Yes, no errors reported in server-specific logs, system.log, exception.log....nothing. I've checked even the source code of the resulting page, sometimes the error is hidden there...but nothing.


I've even incremented the PHP memory's so difficult to debug these kind of problems in Magento, I'm very frustrated at the moment :\


I can replicate the problem on the clean Magento installation removing the <reference name="left"node on 

app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/customer.xml, so maybe is overwritten somewhere...but it should result from the output given by the code shown in my first message here :\

Re: Admin - Customer details empty page

At the end was Apptha Invitefriends...


there is this code in app/code/local/Apptha/Invitefriends/etc/config.xml:



I've added the comments and now the page is shown. The worst thing is that it fails without errors or notices, and it was very very hard to debug...

Re: Admin - Customer details empty page

Hi lrnzsfr
I just got the same error, tried very hard and finally found the config.xml file which was having the code 


I have commented it also added the code in editAction() ], but no luck. Smiley Sad