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Admin New Order Emails Not Working in Magento

Admin New Order Emails Not Working in Magento

I have tried several different things to get the New Order Emails to send to my email account, but they are not working. I am running Magento and I know that the customers are receiving the email confirmation message, but I am not receiving the New Order email. My email is through Gmail. There is a cron job set up for the email, but I don't understand how to check whether it is working or not. I've tried researching it online, but I don't know what they mean. If it wasn't working would the customers still get an email? I am very new to Magento so please give as much detail as you can. If you point me to files please give me the full file path including folder names. I've also got the Sales Emails set up and the Mail Sending Settings located under the Advanced System Settings.


My Mail Sending Settings are:

Disable Email Communications -> No

Host -> localhost

Port(25) -> 25

Set Return-Path -> No


I don't know if the problem is because I have the host set to localhost and I am no longer using that email. I am unsure what our server is or if I even need to know that. Do I need to change some settings in my Gmail account?