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Any action required? (Update PayPal Integration until 18. January 2017)

Any action required? (Update PayPal Integration until 18. January 2017)

I received an e-mail (see below) to update the paypal integration. I am not able to find any information through google. Did anyone else receive this email?

When I had a call with the paypal, they could not answer me if I need to make any changes since we use the standard paypal payment method on Magento already.

I unfortunately donot know if I need to take any action personally or this change should have been already reflected through Magento? We are running on Version

Update your integration before 18 January 2017.

Name Here,

On 18 January 2017, we’ll be making some updates to make the checkout process on Website Payments Standard even better, which means your integration will be affected.
We’ve noticed that your integration has been passing either invalid or incorrect data to PayPal from one or more of your payment buttons. To make sure your payments continue to be processed, you’ll need to update your integration as soon as possible.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with your updated integration:
• PayPal One Touch™, our fastest, easiest checkout experience enabling your shoppers to check out at the click of a button
• A mobile-optimised checkout experience, so buying is easy no matter how your customers shop
• A new, simpler design that is consistent across both desktop and mobile
What do you need to do?

Please check out these FAQs for more information on common integration issues. Additional details can be found in our developer documentation here.

When you’ve updated your integration, your customers will see the updated experience.

As always, if you need help or have any questions, call us or visit our Help Centre.


Re: Any action required? (Update PayPal Integration until 18. January 2017)

Hi there,


We are also receiving this alert when logging into our PayPal account.  We upgraded to Magento version but the problem still exists.


Here is a link to the PayPal page that discusses this issue:


For any Magento users accepting payment using PayPal, this will need to be fixed.  Has anyone had a fix for this?

Thank you,