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Assigning a preset "ID" to new users.

Assigning a preset "ID" to new users.

Hello guys,


I'm not sure if this goes here or in the admin section but I'll try here first. My problem is relatively simple, hopefully the solution is too Smiley Happy


I have a preset list of X amount of "IDs" (public keys, for ERC 20 wallets.) Every time a new user account (i.e. shopper) is created in my store, I would like one of these codes to be assigned to that user, and I want to make sure I can display it to that user.


My assumption is that I could simply have this list preset in the user database somehow, and that every time a new user is added, it is assigned one of these IDs (sort of like adding new information to a row in Excel with pre-existing information on each row), and that I can display it to the user through some php magic.


But, I am a noob, I don't know if this is as simple as it seems, or if I'm competent enough to implement it. Any advice would be appreciated.