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Beginner question regarding API

Beginner question regarding API

Hello. I have an assignment where I am to develop a function that fetches information from another website (User enters a cars registration plate number, and my function should fetch information e.g. model and year of the vehicle from the other site)  and use the results to sort products in a Magento store. All this SOAP/XML and REST is pretty overwhelming when I'm not sure what is relevant and where to begin. I've done some web developing in HTML and JSP but this is all pretty new to me.


Now, I'm not sure what question to ask. It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction of where to start though.

As far as I know the other website doesn't have a public API, which I imagine could be an obstacle. Or are there ways to work around that?

Sorry for my vagueness!


Re: Beginner question regarding API

There is great info here


It includes scripts for testing and to get started

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