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Best way to add/update products from external databases?

Best way to add/update products from external databases?

I have two external mysql databases with a different table structure for products. Those database each belongs to an online shop.


What I would like to do is to somehow insert into the magento database all the products from those two external database and regularly like every few hours check if the prices and the stock of the products from the external databases changed. If it's the case, then the stock and the price for those products would update in the magento's database too.


So basically I wanna link those two external databases to the magento database. Have all products in magento database and when the stock or the price change in one of the external database to update it in the magento database too.


I only have an idea by creating an observer function and a cron job but I have no knowledge how to do this, neither of them.


Could someone help me out  ? I am really stuck with this issue.


Re: Best way to add/update products from external databases?

Due to database structure differences that might be a problem.


First thing that should be clarified, can you export data from this external database into the file?



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