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Buiding a Seperate Admin Panel For my Magento Website

Buiding a Seperate Admin Panel For my Magento Website



I have an e-commerce website on Magento 1.9. I have used the Magento Admin panel for the features like product upload, payment integration etc. I also manage an android application and webservices. Now I want to add a lot of new features on the app such as loyalty program, share app over QR code, fortune wheel etc. that are specific for the application and not to be implemented on the website. 


I have 2 options for these:

1) Create custom in my present magento admin panel for these features. But the problem is I am not well known to this magento platform and it might take  me about an year.

2) I could create a separate admin panel for these features, since only application need these additional features. But I need help to conceptualize it.
It might be a new approach, Can you all please guide me through this? I am new to magento and it would really save me development time.

Suggestions are welcome.


Re: Buiding a Seperate Admin Panel For my Magento Website

If there's no need for these features to be on the website and they need to be made available to the app then I would create these in a standalone web service and integrate with other apps/services as necessary. 


Even if you needed a minimal set of admin to these features easily accessible to the merchant, you could integrate just a portion of your webservice with the magento admin, reducing the amount of Magento specific work you need to do.


In terms of what should you use to build these webservices to provide these features, I would say whatever you have experience in and can code quickly and well in Smiley Happy 

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