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Bulk changing prices with SQL


Bulk changing prices with SQL

I have written a VB Script to update prices of all products directly on SQL.


The problem that i have is that :

 - I've update the 'value' in catalog_product_entity_decimal where my attribute_id = 75 (which is the price attribute) with an amount say R500

- However when i check the price on the web page it show

" Regular price


Special Price


- Now the R400 is the price that the item was before I ran the script. I have looked in all the db tables and cannot find this value.


Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Bulk changing prices with SQL



On the website you are being showed the calculated price from the price indexers, which taking into account a lot of different things in Magento. 


Technically you can also update the price index table, but since it is calculated it would be overwritten on the next run.


You should run the price indexers when you are done with updating your prices or just use the API or Models to do your updating instead :-)

Re: Bulk changing prices with SQL

Hi @Theis Corfixen


It looks as if this has fixed my problem.... Smiley Surprised


Will do some more testing tomorrow and let you know.


Thanks for the help.