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Bulletin Board extension recommendations

Bulletin Board extension recommendations

Can anyone offer advice on an extension that is a slim-downed version of Bulletin Board software?


My only requirements:

  1. Customer would first need to create an account
  2. Customer using a form, submits the data to the server.
  3. The form would capture Title, description, author/customer.
  4. Admin would receive an email directing them to approve it.

My initial thought was using some kind of 'testimonial manager', because that does everything I need.


Re: Bulletin Board extension recommendations

Have you got an example of the sort of thing you are looking for? 

Richard Cleverley
Magepim Ecommerce Services

Re: Bulletin Board extension recommendations

On this page ( ) at the bottom where it reads "Welcome to the Community Bulletin Board!".


Most bulletin board software has too many features. I just need to pull in the last 3 messages to my home page, have a dedicated page to list all messages, and have a form where logged in users can submit their listing.