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CMS Page Canonical issue in my Magento Site

CMS Page Canonical issue in my Magento Site


Is there any way to place self-canonical on CMS pages in Magento?
We have developed our site in Magento dealing with industrial supplies for Industrial products. We are facing a serious issue on our site.
We have placed the canonical tag at home page, but this is replicating on about us, contact us, privacy policies etc. on all CMS pages.

Or is there any extension through which we can throughout the website SEO and given below issues.

1. 404 issues
2. CMS pages meta tags issue
3. Homepage meta tags replicating on other pages in which we have not implemented or not able to implement the Meta tags.
4. The self-canonical tag on CMS pages. About us, contact us, privacy policy etc. we have implemented canonical tag in Homepage, which is replicating on all other CMS pages
5. We have implemented canonical tag on the homepage because when our site was not implemented canonical tag on the homepage, it was not able to crawl by Google.

Kindly check all pages and let me know if anyone has solutions.


Re: CMS Page Canonical issue in my Magento Site

Hi @Indusunoweb

The features are writing about are not available in Magento out-of-the-box. However, you can try Meta Tags Templates extension to achieve what you need.


On the one hand, this module enables one to generate relevant meta data for products and categories. On the other, it allows some SEO customization for CMS pages.


To set up meta data and canonical URLs for CMS pages you need to use the "Meta Tags by URL" option -


However, you will have to add this data on a page-by-page basis to achieve an ideal scenario. But at the end all your CMS pages will have self-referring canonical tags and won't replicate those you set up on your Homepage.


Hope that helps!

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