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Calculate length, width and height of a product

Calculate length, width and height of a product

 Hello folks,


I have the following problem. I want to get the product price calculated through the lengt, width and height.


The length and width are calculated through a csv-file, but not the height. The height should be priced for each 5cm( till 10cm +0€, till 15cm +5€, till 20cm +10€ etc.).


I have tried some different things, but never reached my goal. My next idea is, that the height is calculated by two areas: the first would be a dropdown menu, where the customer can select ranges like in the example above. The second would be a text field, where the customer can write the wanted cm value. The problem is, that the customer can select e.g. "till 10cm +0€" in the dropdown and then writes e.g. 25cm. So he would get the wanted value for free.

My question: Is there a way to connect those two areas and limit the text field to the chosen dropdown range (e.g. dropdown: till 20cm +10€ -> text field limit: customer can write anything between 16 and 20cm). Or are there any better and simpler? 


I thank you very much in advance for your answers.


Best Regards,