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Can I embed a HTML5 site in an iframe or similar?

Can I embed a HTML5 site in an iframe or similar?

Hi there.

I've been hired to develop a small HTML5 application. I've never worked with Magento before so I don't know what it can do and what it can't. I need to insert this application in a frame, or something similar, into a page. The editor seems to be fine with this, and even shows my test application in the preview. When I view actual website though any <iframe>, <embed> or <object> code I can think of is removed.


I've tried editing the TinyMCE setup.js file as is suggested everywhere on the internet but that doesn't make a difference.

I've also tried going into the system settings to allow the Magento frontend to run in an iFrame, as this was also suggested. Didn't work either.


I hope someone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated!


Ignore this post, somebody had made a page identical to the one I needed to edit. I wasn't editing the right one. I don't know how to remove this post *facepalm*