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Can not add configurable product

Can not add configurable product



I started with Magento


When I want to create a configurable product, I get the message:
Only attributes with scope "Global" input type "Dropdown" and Use To Create Configurable Product "Yes" attribute set are available.This Does not qui-have attributes we can use for configurable product


Yet I created before attirbut with these characteristics.


How to solve the problem?


Thanks per advance


Re: Can not add configurable product

please check this video for a complete guide for creating a configurable product , hope this will help to solve the problem 

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Re: Can not add configurable product


Go to Attributes -> Manage Attributes and check if your configurable attributes have: 
-Scope: Global
-Input Type - Drop-Down 
-and should be assigned to simple and configurable products. 
Please note, that attributes should be assigned to the same attribute set as you create product.

Here is also detailed explanation and webinar on the topic that might be helpful -

Please, attach the screen-shot(s) of your attribute settings so we can give you a hint what you have missed.

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Re: Can not add configurable product

As Store_manager says - screenshots helps Smiley Happy


But sound like you have already created the attributes 

Did you assign the to the appropriate attribute set ?


If not - go to Catalog > Manage Attributes > Manage Attribute-Sets

The open the correct attribute set, that you wish to work with, and make sure the new attributes is present in this set, look for them in the middle section of the screen.


If they are on the right side of the screen, simply drag and drop the to the middle section, under the desired section, ex. General, Price, etc.


Save the set, and try to create a conf. product again.


If this doesn't work - please let us know Smiley Happy


-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen | Magento Certified Solution Specialist

Re: Can not add configurable product


I am having similarly problems, I can’t edit products or find products which were entered some time ago, can’t go to next page of the products, nothing happens, even search options doesn’t work. I don’t get no error just the button of the functions don’t respond

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Re: Can not add configurable product

Hi Laila17


Sounds like a JavaScript Error, it can be the result of many things, but you can check if this is the case by opening your browser of choices development tool and checkoug the error log, the most likely however will be one of the following:


  • Have you installed a new module recently? This might have brough in some JavaScript code that interfeers with your installation
  • Have you enabled JavaScript Mergingin in the backend recenrlty? This might also with some modules interfeer with your installation
  • Have you inserted new scripting via the backends System > Configuration > Design > Head ? 

I hope this helps you finds a solution to your problem.