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Can't add conditions

Can't add conditions



I am trying to add conditions to my products or anywhere and I can't. 

When I am trying to add it, I am able to select from the dropdown menu only. after selecting one option it is writing: 

"Please wait, loading..." and then, it take me to the backend home page. 


Please help me solve that issue. 

I am using magento 1.9.1


Thank you.


Re: Can't add conditions

Hi @idan12345


I'm curious what you mean about conditions for your products, do you mean conditions in catalog rules, or custome options to products?


The loading please wait apears while an XHRequest is in progress, and will not go away if the Magento doesn't receive a properly formated response.


Check your developer console in your prefered browser and look for the request being made, and check the response is not throwing an error, either in the response body or in the console.

Re: Can't add conditions

I will try to explain better. 

I would like to create a sale on my shop. something like: buy 9 items get 1 Free. 


I order to do it, I need to create "shopping cart price rule"

so.. I go to Promotions -> Shopping cart price rules -> add new rule


since I want this rule to be valid ONLY  to a specific SKU I went to the "Actions" tab and under 

"Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (leave blank for all items)"

I am trying to add this SKU. but... when I am tying to do it, after clicking on the + sign, and choosing from the dropdown menu the SKU, the system taking me automaticly to the backend main page without saving anything. 


I hope that this explained better my issue. 


Re: Can't add conditions

hi @idan12345


So as mentioned in previous post, check what output you are getting from the XHRequests, you can check these in the development tool for your browser.

Re: Can't add conditions

I am hoping that I understand you... 


this is what I am getting: 


POST 412 (Precondition Failed)
Navigated to

Re: Can't add conditions

Ok... I found the problem and fixed it.


The problem was with my hosting. 

Since on my hosting the ModSecurity is enabled. so... I just disabled it and now everything is working. 


thank you anyway.