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Cannot Login After Switching to Https

Cannot Login After Switching to Https

 I have been unable to login to the customer account page & admin page when i switched to HTTPS.


I have tried clearing my cache and commenting out lines of code within varien.php which disables cookies.



$cookieParams = array(
'lifetime' => $cookie->getLifetime(),
'path' => $cookie->getPath(),
//'domain' => $cookie->getConfigDomain(),
//'secure' => $cookie->isSecure(),
//'httponly' => $cookie->getHttponly()


My site is Magento Community Edition v 1.9.1.

I am storing sessions via the "file" method, set in local.xml. I have checked, and the permissions are set correctly so that the site can write to that directory (e.g. sess_xxx files are being created). 



i have followed the steps from this link and my sessions are being created but i am still unable to log in.


Do help and assist me with my current issue as im running out of ideas and help i can find online.


Re: Cannot Login After Switching to Https

Hello @theont

Please share the website url to check.

Let me know

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Re: Cannot Login After Switching to Https

hello @theMageComp


This is the current link for the website which im having issues with logging in after converting it to HTTP for secure front end.


Im registering the session and finding the session matching with the ones created within the session folder and yet it is still looping me at the login page. 


i have followed numberous online tutorials on how to fix it by changing the varien.php and yet im still unable to work out the issue.