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Cannot login in to admin

Cannot login in to admin

I am new to magento. I hired a developer to set up a fresh install in a directory of a live site, in addition to ssl. Everything worked fine. After not looking at the site for almost 3 months (project was on hold) I tried logging into admin and get a 404 error. I've searched online to try and find solutions - manually cleared the cache, but still not able to get on. I went into phpmyadmin and located the database - it contains no tables. I don't think that's normal. Any ideas what I should do? Unfortunately I don't have a backup of the database.


Re: Cannot login in to admin

If it was fresh installation you can reinstall it and them database will be created again.

However if you able to see front page or admin login page it means that database may be still there and you looked at the wrong place.


If yo uwant to reinstall it without reuploading files then using your FTP client, open the magento root on your server and go to app/etc folder and delete the local.xml file


Then open front page and ther ewill be installation wizard.